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February 23, 2009


patricia truel

Isn't it amazing how full our hearts get. You have children and just can't imagine loving anything more than that...until another one comes along!

He is beautiful!


He is such a precious baby boy!
God bless him.

Bessie Nguyen

beautiful photo ! and lucky you, I had to carry my son in my arms ALL the time. I got some nice muscles out of it though lol.


Oooooh, so cute!!


Oh, adorable. Love that newborn "wise" look.

I'm jealous and hoping my #2 is cuddly, since #1 was a wiggly, independent chickie from the start.

Heather M.

so sweet! silas spent countless hours in the baby bjorn for the first 3 months too.

wendy bretz

he has such the perfect little features :)


so sweet! i'm so glad for you, that he's so snuggly!

Mary Smith

Hi, I'm Mary. I just found your blog and I'm enamored by your photos and scrapbooking. I'll have to come back again!

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