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February 11, 2009


Ulla V.

You have such beautiful children...and little Jackson is definitely sweet as well. He eyes look so observant and full of warmth in the way only babies' eyes can be...I remember it with my own children - it's wonderful :0)

melanie louette

He's absolutely delightful and beautiful Mel, I wish I could snuggle him! Why, oh why don't we live close by? :(
Such adorable pics!!!


It's amazing how one never realizes something was missing until it was there! Happy 1 month BDay Jackson!

joanne smith

oh melissa...
he is just adorable!
what a smile!!
happy one month birthday jackson!
how are you doing?
hope all is well!
take care!


my month already!
he is just so incredibly precious.
what a beautiful shot.
hope you're doing well :)

patricia truel

i love, love, love your post! i am so glad that you take
the time out of your very busy day to keep us informed
of your new means a lot to friends who are
far away :-(

- Patricia

Heather Moll

he is so beautiful! great photos! so glad he is a part of your life.


What a sweetie pie! Love your list of precious things, too! Hugs, sweet friend! :)

simplesong  |  suann

so, so darling! i can feel all the love just from your posts. congrats, melissa. so happy for you.


Oh Melissa!
This makes me want another....*almost* :) I'm sure if I lived closer and could hold, snuggle, and smell would put me over the edge!
He is beautiful and I'm so thrilled for you!


Beautiful boy! Congrats on the first month.

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