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June 22, 2007



That is fabulous news about Luke! Sean looked adorable, as always. Looks like I may have to invest in the butterfly punch - your cards are so simple but sweet. You can never have too many of those.

Wendy Sue

I love your teacher gift ideas - so fun!! Good news about your little guy. Is he sleeping better for you? I hope you're enjoying your first days of summer vacation! :o)


that's awesome news, mel - so happy to hear it! :)


I'm so happy, happy that Luke is okay. I knew he was fine deepdown, but I know you're a worrier like I am, so this is great news!

Congrats to Sean for graduating! I know how you feel- I remember Noah graduating 2 years ago and bawling my head off at the thought of him heading to Kindegarten. NOw he's graduated to Grade 2! How does it all go by in the blink of an eye?


I've been in the same boat as you with teachers gifts and last minute cards.. I got it all done last night at 1:30 am, and I am exhausted today, lol! I can rest easy now- work is done, and the kids are finished school as of noon today, yippee! Bring on summer. :)Your cards are stunning, (NEED that punch!) and those bags are to die for. They must be so thrilled to get such a great gift.

I know this is way more than I should write on a blog reponse, but I'm still in the final stages of that thing I'm working on.. I will call or email you soon. thank you for those pics btw. :) The kids are away with Bob on a camping trip, so I am gloriously alone the whole weekend! Lots of stuff planned for 2 short days!
Looking forward to catching up with you. It's been a while. :)

love ya!

mel oxo


Sorry for the typos. I hit the button too fast. ;)
Forgot to tell you not to put my name into the draw for that book, b/c I already have it. :)


Hi Melissa,
I love all of the ideas for teacher's gifts. I received a geranium from a parent, potted in a pretty ceramic bowl. Very thoughtful to remember school staff. I am knee deep in "Blogging for Dummies" and hoping to launch a blog a week from Sunday. I am off next week. Can you meet any night (or day)...for coffee? It's on me if you give me your opinion about my thoughts for the blog. Starbucks or Clarence Center coffee house? Or wherever you like. Enjoy this great weather. We are off to the Roycroft Festival and then the Canoe Club to celebrate our anniversary.


so good to hear all's good with luke!
those preschool graduations get me...they are just the cutest! love the pics. and man, you're quite the whiz at the sewing machine...i love those tote bags, so cute :)
hope you're enjoying the summer!


Your boys are adorable! My oldest finished Pre-K last month. Don't they grow fast?! I can't even bear the thought of her starting Kindergarten.
I loved your teacher ideas. I had a hard time coming up with good ideas and would have loved to have ideas like that last month. Oh well, I'll file them away for next year.
Smiles! :)


those bags are awesome, melissa-wish i could sew :)


Wow... I love you blog. I love re-living my children's school days thru you. I don't think I was nearly as creative as you in those days those. Your teachers are definitely luckier than my children's teacher were.
Thanks for sharing these ideas. I might use them for the five grandkids that I have.
have a great summer.....maureen


those cards are beautiful!! i must get that punch! glad your little one is doing well!



You are definately a "punch-enabler" :) LOL!
I love the cards Melissa! The tote bags are gorgeous!
I saw those gifts on Heidi's blog and loved the idea....of course, it was too late for us but I will try to remember it for next year!

I'm so happy to hear about Luke! That is such great news Melissa and it must make you so happy and relieved!

Sean looks adorable! Congrats to him :) How are they getting this big? Too fast!

Have a wonderful weekend! I was happy to see an update this morning :)


Maureen just posted all I wanted to say---ditto on HS's teacher idea. I've tucked that one away for next year. I saw the MS punch and passed it by, but you've made me want it now.

My oldest is heading to kindergarten in September and I'm trying to keep my freaking in check...but we only have full-day Kindergarten and I just can't fathom it yet. Any tips? Packed lunch ideas? He's ready, I'm just not.



I love the teacher ideas. I'll have to remember that for next year. Congratulations on your news!!



I SO stole Heidi's idea also this year....just loved it and I think the recipients did too. I get to experience the pre-school graduation extravaganza next year! Everyone said it would pass by fast and it does....This is my first ever post on your blog even though. I love getting inspiration from you and maybe I'll be a lucky winner...Eeenie,,,Meenie,,,Minnie,,,,Moe!


Okay, those cards are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!


Love the cards and how you did them!
Another supply I must have because of you :)


dang. you're going to make me go back to Michaels. you know how much i hate to leave my house :)

great news on happy for you and the little man!

so here's my you make diaper bags too?
:) love the bag and the adorable cards you made for Sean's teachers. your talents are endless, my friend!


oh man the pics of your boys are adorable! :)
love the bag. totally pretty. i wanna buy one. :)
love the cards and the punch, gonna have to get that one. :)


Oh, I'm so happy to hear the good news about Luke! And the pictures of Sean graduating from preschool are just too sweet. Where does the time go? And get out with your mad sewing skills...that purse is awesome! I've been doing a little sewing here and there too. Such a handy skill, don't you think? So far it's only been home projects, but I think I'd like to do bags/totes next too (hint-I may be bugging you soon!). Oh, and it's too late for teacher's gifts for this year, but I am so copying this for next year!

Hope you're all doing well! Miss ya!

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