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July 06, 2007



super cute! I'm sure they will love them!

Kim Musgrove

Oh My...those are too cute!!


So cute! I wish I could sew! I did a tiny little bit back in highschool. (But then again, maybe it's a good thing I can't sew because I think I'd get hooked, lol.)


Holy sweetness! Almost makes me want another!


Dang Mel, these are just so sweet! Everyone has been into knitting lately, but sewing is definitely my cup of tea too! I have so many sewing books on my wish list lately. But first, I need to get a better machine...

Hope you're all doing well. I really, really need to hook up with you again. If only to get some sewing advice! ;)


of course they are gonna like them!!! SOOOO darn sweet!!!


omg...those are just the sweetest!
I know your friends will love them.


Melissa these are gorgeous!
You are so dang talented!
I can't sew.......but wish I could!
and the matching cute!!!


oh so adorable. i love the sweet little heart. beautiful sewing. i would love to see these on my twin nieces. do you sell??


Hi Melissa, I love the onesies and the bibs. I like how you did the embroidery floss to add a little something. I have to get sewing. I think my back wishes I'd switch away from gardening for a bit too. Let's try to get together in a couple of weeks. I have a new Superbuzzy order on the way... You just have to make another baby set so I can see, in person, how you did the bibs.


These are just too darling Mel, I love them. :)
You're making me want to go buy a sewing machine now! ;)


so incredibly sweet...makes me want to have another just so i can have one, teehee! you may have guilted me into digging out my sewing machine...though i'm in serious need of lessons first. hope you're doing well & enjoying the summer :-)


those baby gifts are adorable! you need to open an etsy shop!


These are so, so cute!!!!


sew, so cute! what lucky friends you have!


Those sets are darling! Makes me want another baby!


those are ADORABLE!!!

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