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August 21, 2007


Wendy Bretz

LOVE these bags Melissa!
you are so CRAFTY!!!! :)
miss ya


Cutest diaper bag idea ever! Love it!


Wow. I am SO wishing I'd brought my sewing maching with me!! Love the bags, the cool, and the polka dots, perfect choice reversing it!



So gorgeous!!!

I'm trying to be very, very patient. ;p




omgosh girl!
you just plain rock at everything you do :)
I'm so inspired to learn how to do you need a machine? ;)

Charlene Teo

Girl, these are absolutely gorgeous!!! I love all the fabric that you used!


oh my!!! they are sooo adorable!!! you ned to start selling these! i want one! :) i hardly ever carry a diaper bag anymore either!


everything came out terrific melissa!
Love the polka dots too!


these items are super cute! how did i guess you'd love the polka dotted side best!?! me too. nice work. you are a wonder. keep up the inventive ideas.


I love the Chocolate Lollipop fabric too. I have to get sewing. I just made a few things yesterday for people who are staying with us. Cashmere sachet, tea cozy, little crafty stuff. I like the tote with the stripe on the outside. weird isn't it how everybody looks at things so differently?


yep - you need an etsy shop for sure!


wonderful! I love the bag! I love the polka dots against the dark fabric (my favorite side actually LOL) I love the simple lines, and it looks like the construction is excellent! Not a pucker to be found, I'm glad I was able to help.


love your sewing projects! and you really, really need to open an etsy shop! (have i mentioned that before?) ha!


Mel, you are amazing! I have to agree with all the etsy requests. :)

Wish I lived closer so you could give me some sewing hints...


Oooh - love the idea of the little diaper case and that tote is fantastic! You are incredible!


i just LOVE the tote melissa! they are so wonderful. it always feels so wonderful to finish a project. i hope you are really proud!

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