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October 09, 2007


Patricia Truel

He is so cute....where is the "after"! I am sure you are so proud of him on his first hair cut. John was totally opposite! (read my blog, it is just too funny) and he too had been watching his big brother get his hair cut many are very lucky that he just sat there....his is a big boy now...


what a great surprise huh? I love when events like this happen!
congrats :) and enjoy being speechless.
Luke looks adorable, as always.


aw what a good boy! i wonder what he was thinking about!
cant wait to see the after pics! :)


wow! I've always cut Felix's hair, so I have no idea how he'd do. Simon's always done pretty well, as long as he knows there's a sucker at the end.

He's a cutie!



I have to take Hoonie in for his second haircut and I can only hope to be half as lucky as you were with Luke! Yay for him (and you)! :)


Oh so cute! LOVE the pictures and what a good boy! Johnny cried like crazy when he got his first hair cut!


what a sweetie! i want to see the *after* shots!


he is just the cutest!! love that look on his face.

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