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November 30, 2007



This is SUCH an awesome idea, Melissa! Between now and next December, I'm definitely going to try to increase our collection so we can do the same next year. Would love some book suggestions from your library!


i absolutely LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!i should wait till next year but part of me wants to do this now! i wonder if i can wrap what i have and then fill it up next week! :)
so wonderful!


That is a fantastic idea! I hate wrapping anything, but other than that, I love this!


Wow Melissa, that is the best idea ever!

We just bought three new christmas books today at the bookstore to read this weekend. It just never occurred to me to have one for everynight. But now you have me thinking!

Thanks for sharing such an amazing tradition belonging to your family!


What a wonderful idea! Such a surprise to find out which book you'll be reading and no fighting over which title. We have oodles of Christmas books, now if I could just find them by tomorrow...

Kim Musgrove

Such awonderful idea!! I don't think I have enough books for this year, but I'm going to make a point to remember this for next year!!


I love this!
I have enough for this year and now I need to go dig them out! Why oh why didn't I check out your blog earlier???
I may have to start with one book wrapped...not sure if I can get them all done tonight!
So fun!


What a very cool idea!


Stephanie Howell

melissa, i LOVE this idea.
i've got boxes and boxes of books in the garage from my teaching days, so this is one i can definitely do.
thanks so much for sharing.
hope you are having a beautiful weekend!


This is such a cute idea! I found you by the link from mwrites. Thanks for the suggestion.

Wendy Bretz

What a GREAT idea Mel :)
Do you have a list of the books you love?
I would like to start this with hannah!


what a great idea. If i can keep my sanity through the holidays, I deem it a sucess :)
Just catching up on my favorite bloggers...

talk soon,

patricia truel

oh, i have to go and wrap books!


PS. I wrapped our books today (we had 26 of them, not counting 3 versions of The Night Before Christmas) and we read our first book tonight. Thanks so much for sharing your great idea, Melissa!! We shall have fun every day now!


Superb not have enough books yet but I can work on it!!


what a WONDERFUL idea! love it. i'd love to try that next year, and i'd love to hear about some of your favorite books :)
the one tradition we have is that we all get new jammies on xmas eve & read night before christmas.


I *love* this idea!!!!!


another genius idea. i am going to start a collection for my future children. you seem to make the most of each day. i hope to savor motherhood as you seem to!


I'm going to ps like Joanna.....
I ended up being lazy, not wanting to wrap all of the books, and well....decided to change it up a bit.
I made more work for myself in the end.....and Johnny (my dh) is laughing at me.
We are doing a "Christmas book elf", who wrote a letter to J and each day, hides a wrapped be read that night. His encourage children to read more.
I do have enough Christmas books but it's funny....he is already recognizing some! I may grab a few more at the store ;)

rebecca cooper

this is SUCH a great idea Melissa! thanks for sharing!!


love this idea, melissa - something that would be so fun to add to our own holiday traditions as andy enjoys reading to the baby [and thomas] already. ;)

Kelly Noel

just came across your blog for the first time! :)

this is such a great idea!
we're starting a new tradition this year...instead of opening up the traditional christmas jammies on christmas eve, we'll be opening up a new christmas book to read instead.


What a wonderful idea!

julie k

love this idea! will have to give it a try next year!!!

debra cooper

I just love this idea! I was just lamenting how as we get closer to the big day the kids get more impatient, not to mention present-obsessed adding every other thing they see to their never ending xmas list. Maybe this would kind of spread the gift-loving joy throughout the month giving them (and me) a little release along the way! Thanks for sharing your tradition!

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