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February 26, 2008



Your art journal is so beautiful, Melissa! Love these entries! I am going to do this art journal one day soon once we're settled! It's full of wonderful ideas! Have a happy Tuesday! :)

wendy sue

Wow, these pages are beautiful, Melissa! I love that you photographed the magnets on your fridge - what a great idea! And I love the big pink ribbon on your color page - so perfect! Would you share what the font is that you used for your title? I love it! Thanks! :o)


you are so stinkin' talented! Love your pages!



Love you work. And thank you for the explanation.


ok, mel - this is amazing! What a clever idea to photo the magnetic letters! You're going to have me hunting ours! :)


these pages are just GORGEOUS, melissa!! what beautiful work! xoxo


you blow me away. each of these are gorgeous!


oh my, oh my. these are seriously lovely pages. nicely done. i am in awe. as usual. think that ribbon photo is one of my all time faves.


gorgeous! that fridge magnet creative! and girl, you can sure tie a beautiful ribbon :-)


Both fantastic pages, love all that ribbon!!


you rock.
love these Melissa! :)


i love when you share your art journal pages! these are absolutely stunning!


Oh my, your pages are soooo beautiful!!


Hi, Melissa. A commenter above asked about which font you used for your title, but I'd like to know what font you used for your journaling. Such a nice, clean font! Would you mind letting me know? Thanks!

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

So beautiful! I have a photo of the magnetic letters that I took to photoshop--great minds think alike! Except, I haven't exactly shopped it yet. So, don't stress out, you are ahead of me! :)


As always, your pages are so lovely and simple and inspiring (yummy too). You've totally inspired me to take up these challanges. Can you please share the name of the font you used on the titles for these entries? Thank you for sharing your work with us.


your pages are really works of art. Just beautiful!
Love the ribbon photos :)


i think you need an idea book. i can sit and stare at your stuff all day. soooo gorgeous. this little collection of yours is going to be soooo amazing to have- you lucky girl! :)

kelly purkey

wow! this is so fabulous, melissa!!!


These are just beautiful, I would also love to know what font you used for the titles, Thanks!


i also love the font you used...hehehe :)

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