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March 18, 2008



I can totally relate to points 1, 6 & 7! I am exactly like that too! :) It's nice to know someone else likes Lipstick Jungle. I'm so addicted to it! Have a nice day and Happy Easter....

Patricia Truel

ok - i TOO JUST LOVE LIPSTICK JUNGLE!!!! It is one of my favorite shows! I tivo it but still have to watch it right after i get the children in what do you think happens next week?

MAN YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH MAGAZINES...what is worng with ya? ;-p

i love the easter treats...i can't find that punch anywhere!


Leonie - Australia

I am sure the teachers wil love these, they are so cute. As for the bed making I am the same, I make it as soon as I get out of bed.

wendy sue

Such cute Easter gifts!! I can totally relate to #7...I thought I was a's nice to know I'm not alone, lol. :o)


I HAVE to make my bed every morning, too. It drives my husband nuts, too! Hee hee! Love those interesting facts about you and I LOVE those sweet goodies for the teachers. So sweet, beautiful and kind - just like YOU! ;) Hugs my friend!


i'm totally with you on the bed making thing, and lipstick jungle is awesome, i've been addicted! such cute little teacher're so good =)

Piper Wise

Oh, I feel the same way about books!! While i'm in the middle of one, I find myself thinking, "I wonder how so-and-so is today"! Nuts!!


You are the best mum. The teachers must LOVE you.
I wasn't going to do anything for the teachers this holiday.
But you've inspired me to do something :) SO thanks!

Oh, I'm obsessed with magazines too.. And my mum has the same obsession, so she is always dropping off her stash. Sometimes I have over 20 magazines to look through... and I don't mind at all :)


Now I know why I love visiting your blog - you are just like me... well sort of - you are the ideal me. I enjoy the new show Libstick Jungle - and the book thing... I had to laugh out loud at work (its so quiet in here) I do the same thing. I usually allow myself a full week and during that week I imagine their lives going on and what would happen if... then I get over it and allow myself to move on to a new book. Absolutely love magazines! Even the smell of them. Is that weird?

lisa truesdell

i have a magazine problem, too. i currently get domino, martha stewart living (sniff sniff, since blueprint is no longer in print), real simple, better homes and gardens, the better homes and gardens decorating special issues (4x a year, i think?), cottage living, real simple, and bhg scrapbooks etc. my grandma gets country home and country living, so i read those at her house. =) i've been meaning to check out wondertime, and since you love it, i think that may have pushed me over the edge. =)


I'm with you on the book thing. I think it's even worse if the books are part of an ongoing series because you have to wait so long for the next one to come out; or if you've started the series after several have been published you just rush through reading them one after the other. Hope you and your family have a happy Easter and they bunny brings fun goodies for the boys.


You are SO good to your teachers!! So sweet!


I love Lipstick Jungle. I wasn't sure about it after the first episode but I kept watching and now I love it.

I am exactly like you with books. I have told my husband that I go through a "mourning" period when I'm done with a book. I can't start another, either, for a few days after I get done with one.

I have always liked your simple style and am glad I was able to find your blog!


I wish that I had that bed-making quirk. It really does pull things together... and stop you from crawling back in during the day. : )
Sweet baskets! I've been having fun pulling Baby Clare's first basket together.


loved reading your list m! i totally relate to the bed making and magazine lovin'! and now i must try cherry cola zero, because i'm normally a diet pepsi fan too! thanks for doing the list!


You know I adore that bunny stamp! Never did find one. Oh well. Love the sweet teacher gifts.
Loved reading your list too :)
Man there are a lot of comments!


we are alike on the magazine subject! I can't stop collecting them. My husband doesn't understand why...
Thanks so much for the mosaic. It's a great one and nice to see one of my photos there!


these teachers are sure going to miss you next year.. you've totally spoiled them! LOL LOL
these are just SOOO darling. and i dont use that word often.. so that really means they are super cute. LOL


so can relate to the magazines (they get pricey if you dont subscribe thought) & the book thing. maybe thats why i hang onto them for a while. love the easter thing. too cute


Ditto on the magazine problem, the bed making and the end-of-book mourning. That's why I always look for LONG books...300 pages or more...I have a really hard time with short stories (what happens next?). Love the teacher gifts. I bet the teachers are psyched when they see one of your guys on their roster!!!!


I read the book Lipstick Jungle but haven't seen the show yet. But it does sound like a good one.

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