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March 11, 2008


Leonie - Australia

Miss Abigail is just gorgeous Melissa, I love the shoes, so cute.


That is sick it is so cute. Every girl/bunny needs to have a pair of fabulous shoes! So so cute.


Seriously, so, so cute!! Alas, Harper's favorite puppy is "puppy." (Not that I'm opposed to naming it, she just doesn't "get" that she can name it.


No, you're not crazy. Or we are both crazy perhaps. Did you see my most recent post? : )


oh my, i love abigail, she's adorable! and you're not crazy for naming stuffies....ours all have names too =)


so cute! i might have to make one for who knows what!


oh my cute m! love her...and love her mary janes too!


Abigail is just too cute!
Now I want to try to make one :)
Oh, and my kids name everything, even cuppie cakes.
I agree with you, everything/one should get a name :)


She is beautiful! Love those shoes! And don't feel bad about naming her -- I think Abagail is the perfect name for her!


Abigail is TOO cute, Melissa! Love those mary janes! What a perfect touch! I love everything you create! Happy Wednesday! :)


omgosh she is so cute! and the shoes......adorable touch!
I hear you on naming stuffed toys. We name them all! Not always unique or anything but named, nonetheless :)
You are amazingly talented my friend! A melissa of all trades :) hee hee!


So cute!


oh my goodness.. sooooo ADORABLE!!! now when you say the directions are wonderful- how easy would that be for a beginner? i think elsie needs one of these :)


we name all of our stuffed animals here too.
i love abigail (does she ever go by Abby?)
she is so very cute!

piper wise

Oh my, too cute!!! I love her shoes and her basket!!


so adorable! i love her shoes :)

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