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March 25, 2008


Wendy Bretz

these are so cute Melissa!
I love the fabric/cardstock combination!


I love looking at your paper arts...such beautiful simplicity about them. Truly striking! Thanks for sharing!

Leonie - Australia

I am sure none of us get sick of seeing your cards, they are always lovely, I love the quote with the butterfly it goes perfect & could be used for lots of different occassions!


Such beautiful cards, Melissa! Love them all! So sweet and pretty! ;) I will most definitely NOT tell you to stop making them. Love them so much. :)

wendy sue

Please DO NOT stop posting your beautiful creations! I love the quote on the butterfly card! :o)


you know how much I adore your stuff!
these are all gorgeous Melissa!!
and it's not at all spring-like here either :(


thsese are so beautiful...please don't stop making them!! i always love your quotes, where do you find them all?


I love all of your crafts/cards-please don't stop posting them :)These are great-especially the bday one!


OMG! They are the cutest cards I ever seen!
I LOVE them all!

melanie louette

Gorgeous-ness! You know I adore your cards!


more, more, MORE!
these are absolutely adorable, melissa!
love are so crafty...


wow, these are super cute!! I love that fabric!!


These are all lovely and we benefit from you taking the time to share them. Are you free-handing, using templates or dies to cut the shapes?

P.S. How's Abigail? :)

Colleen Cavanaugh

I absolutely love your fabric cards and want to try making some myself! They are so beautiful - please keep posting your lovely creations!!!

Hilary Kanwischer

Fantastic blog! Just happened to stumble upon ya, and oh, I'll be back often to see what other new stuff you'll be posting. Great photography and oh so adorable little ones too. :)


you are so, so, soooo good!!!


I love these ... so fun and fresh.


Wowie wow wow! This is freaking fabulous! Find somewhere to sell these. Seriously!


love these! you should seriously sell these.


you KILL me with your cards! they are THE best!

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