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March 07, 2008


wendy sue

Absolutely amazing...beautiful...incredible. I love it! :o)


i love it.
(and i have to get caught up myself!)


i can't get over how flippin' genious that preggers card is!! you are amazing! :-)


that is the cutest card ever!!!! the jeans, teehee, love it :) and another beautiful entry, what a great treasure you'll have once you're done.
enjoy the weekend!


LOVE that card! So cute! :) It made me smile. Love that beautiful entry in your art journal as well. So classic and beautiful! Happy Weekend, my friend. E-mailing you back soon. :)


Hi Melissa,
thanks so much for visiting my blog!
I took the photos with Canon Rebel and I think using a 18-55mm lens. I change lens all the time. But, I would like to get the Canon 40D. I also got a 60mm lens macro and it's great for small objects. If you plan to invest in something, get the 40D, more money but it's great!!!
Your blog is so gorgeous. You make cards so well designed. Now my turn to ask if you don't mind. That fabric you are using, the flowered one is my favorite ever. I don't find it anywhere. I once bought at Joann and after that, they never sold that fabric again. I also love the fabric on those hearted cards...
Thanks a lot!!!

Leonie - Australia

Your art journal is looking amazing Melissa, I would love to be able to hold it & look through it (bit far from Australia to do that:-))! Also the card looks wonderful done in fabric, you are inspiring me to go dig out my applique books & busy with them on cards. Thanks for sharing!

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

I love that card! You should market that, I would pay money for it in a store or online. Seriously. Beautiful stuff!


That is the coolest preggo card EVER! You should totally send that in to Hallmark!



darling. the best pregnant card ever. super super cute and lovely fabric, i love that you are mixing the two! your journal pages are fabulous as well. keep up the crafting. am ever inspired.


This is awesome. I would be delighted to receive a card with so much thought and care.


Super cute card! You make the most amazing things.


Simply adorable card, Melissa! And the pages from your journal are beautiful! Your designs are always so inspiring!


Your cards are so simple and beautiful - just my taste.


First thing, I can't believe Elise is ONLY 23, she's wise beyond her years. Second thing, I love, love, love the 'belly' card - great idea - great quote. Third thing, you're journal page is BEAUTIFULLY embellished. It's such a pleasure to drop by for a visit. A bientot !

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