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April 11, 2008



Oh my gosh-I love the chocolate brown! I have thought about painting a room chocolate but have been a little scared because my rooms aren't that big and I'm worried that it will close in on me. My husband and I just painted our living room....I had a neutral color picked out. My husband wanted to save some money so he mixed all of the primer that we had in the house together because he figured it would get covered up anyway. We ended up with a light brown and we both loved it! He painted the primer on a piece of paper and took it to Home Depot to match it and it looks great....who knew? Have a good weekend!


i love it! a friend did the same thing recently + it turned out great.

love the photo of your boys watching. too, too cute!


I must say that chocolate brown is yummy! Way to go. I am horrible at picking out paint colors. They look lovely at the store and then completly not so lovely at home. I am jealous.

Ali McLaughlin

Umm, brown. Nice color!


Oooooooooooooo! It totally made my heart leap! I love the color Melissa! So rich and gorgeous! Way to go on trusting your instincts :)


That color is gorgeous! Love that the boys got in on the action :D


GORGEOUS color! That is one of the colors that I have been thinking we need for our house! LOVE it!


Oooh, it looks lovely, Melissa!! Laughing at the boys in their chairs! Hee!

Wendy Bretz

Melissa, this looks GORGEOUS!
I absolutley LOVE that color you chose.
I can't wait to see it irl :)
I wait to see pics when you are all done :)


holy cow! Is that picture of Luke "the one?" The picture where you ask, "where the heck did my baby go??" He looks SOOOO big and SO much like Sean in that picture. Wow.

Commenting from Inspired, btw, just can't get over Luke's paintbrush pic. Inspired is pretty cool so far, wish you had come...lots and lots of cool people here.



Love it, Melissa! So beautiful! You go girl! ;) Happy Weekend!


love the brown especially against the crisp white molding.


OOOHHHH! How beautiful! Major color choices can be scary, but always turn out beautifully! How fun.


I Like It!!! What will you use for accessories. I do love aqua and green with chocolate. Like the Amy Butler Robin's Egg fabric from a year or so ago.


LOVE it!! we had that in our living room in our old're making me miss it. i love how rich it looks. great choice =)


WOW! That color is so gorgeous and yummy!

Rita Weiss

What an absolutely luscious color! So rich. Looks great with the white molding. Can't wait to see the finished product :)


BEAUTIFUL color, melissa!! can't wait to see the finished product!

Lisa Dickinson

oooh i love the color. so rich and yummy! and it looks wonderful with the crisp white molding!

melanie louette

It's absolutely gorgeous, so classic and rich- I love it!

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