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April 27, 2008



Hi Melissa, Thanks for the yummy recipes/how-tos. About the chocolate baking wafers, does it come in a package? What's the brand name? Can't wait to try it!!


Mmmmm...yummy! Out the window goes the diet!


yum! i'm helping with a kid's party next weekend and might try the oreo truffles. can't wait. thanks for sharing!


I've never heard of CAbi before....cute.
I saw those treats with rolos on Heatherann's blog and we have made them twice easy and SOOO yummy! Yours look so pretty :)
And the truffles.....I'm definately going to try those!
Happy Sunday Melissa!

Heather Moll

Oooh, they have some cute clothes!
And those treats look so YUMMY!


Oooooohhh my mouth is watering! Can't wait to try them out! Thanks for the share.

camport I'm hungry! Thanks for sharing.



Wow they look really yummy Melissa but I think I gained a few pounds just reading what ingredients went in them.:-)


Yummy! Thank you for sharing those with us, Melissa! Have a wonderful week ahead! :D


those look so yummy!
i've had the pretzels with chocolate before but never the truffles.
thanks so sharing those recipes, m!


how fun, i've never heard of cabi before...very cool! those treats look super yummy =)


oh goodness, you're killing me here. i love you for this. they look amazing. i love dressing up regular candy for parties, i will definitely be trying these. thank you.


Yum, and the pretzels sound really easy! I just need parchment paper....and pretzels...and chocolate...and M&Ms. But still - sounds easy!

Ali McLaughlin

Yum.. although I never liked salty and sweet together..I am weird I know.


cant wait to try the truffles

Annette Scholtz

I am going to try to make your oreo truffles for my sons birthday tomorrow....wish me luck I cant bake an egg....thanks for sharing it (unless if it makes fat.....wish you

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