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April 04, 2008


Patricia Truel

Yeah, those are great. I got some of those last year (I think they were 88 cents)...i didn't realize they still have those...i love those...glad to hear your weather is starting to warm up! Have a great one! Love all your recent posts..keep up the great ideas..I am printing my favorites and at some point, hope to copy them!


I think we need some of those :)
We had nice weather too yesterday....then woke up to snow today :P Now it's rain.

vicki Boutin

Great pictures!!!! I was just in the Buffala stamps store and I was drooling over your work!!!

Are you going to CKC Buffalo???


the girls have those exact same bubbles :)
hope you're well.
talk soon!

Wendy Bretz

those are the BEST!
happy early spring :)


After attending a local hands on science fair, my son has happily entertained himself all weekend with the following items: tin foil, marshmallows, toothpicks, straws, tape, paper towels, scissors, & a water filled sink!

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