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April 01, 2008



Love those pages from the magazines! Cute photos of your little helper, too! ;) Happy Tuesday!

wendy sue

Oh my gosh!! 1)I am also a stationery lover (I used to save my allowance and ask to go to the office supply store so I could buy pens and paper when I was little) and I love these photos! 2)Tulips are gorgeous - I can't wait for mine to bloom...but I guess the snow is going to have to melt first...or maybe I should just go buy some so I don't have to wait! 3)Can your little guy come to my house?!? :o)


I've never given the "country" magazines a chance thinking that the style wouldn't be "my cup of tea" but I LOVE LOVE LOVE these images. Thanks for broadening my horizons. Nice to see something other than Anthro, Domino and J. Crew on a blog (as lovely as they are.)


beautiful stuff! i'm in love with tulips pretty =)
and luke is the cutest thing...what a hard little worker, love it!

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

Wow, I'm so glad someone else's son is doing this. My son has dusted, helped with sorting laundry, putting it in the washer and dryer, and loves to vacuum and swifter the floors since he was 8 months old. It was scary at first, but now I'm used to it I guess. Just glad to see I have company.


I just read your post you linked. I was so happy to love a new tv show as well-I am in love with Lipstick Jungle and cannot wait for it to start in the fall. Oh, and Friday Night Lights-do yourself a huge favor and rent the dvd's if you haven't watched it. It's so great-and guys love it, too so you could watch it w/ your hubby! And now I must take a photo like the one with the chair/books/tulips-that is so cool!


Wonderful fabrics on those pillows, thanks for the inspiration!


ooooohh.... paper and fabrics! Heaven!


Yummy -- those fabrics are gorgeous! And of course, I noticed the polka dots! Love those!

Have a great day, Melissa.


Teach me, do I nurture the cleaning gene in my own kids??

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