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May 12, 2008



I love your photos Melissa and all the gifts and treasures from the day!
I went to Johnny's preschool's "Ladybug tea" today :)
I didn't take any pictures of the tables/settings but did get a few. I will have to upload them and do a blog post this week :)
It's so sweet and so emotional. Our babies....sigh....


How sweet! Those kinds of days and presents are the best! ;) Love the photos! Hope you have a great week, my friend! Hugs!


so incredibly sweet. there's nothing like
those handmade gifts =)

Wendy Bretz

Mel, this is so SWEET!
Sean is such a nice little boy and I'm sure he is just as proud to have you as a mom as you are to have him as a son!
see you soon :)

melanie louette

Mel, I was talking about the Mother's Day tea yesterday with my friend whose son went to the same pre-school as mine did. We both agreed it was guaranteed to make you cry like a baby. Your experience is so similar to my memory of the ones I went to, and it brought back some great memories for me, even though it wasn't so long ago.Isn't it the sweetest thing ever?! I love the photos, you look truly happy, and Sean is so proud!
Happy belated Mother's Day to you my friend. xoxoxox


that is so sweet of sean's class to do for mother's day. all around loveliness...

Elizabeth Rosemond

What a special day!!! I love Sean's expression in al of the photos :)

lisa truesdell

omheck, how sweet is that????

Maria Burke

How special!!!!! Very sweet :-)


awwww seeing him next to you- you guys look so alike! :)
love all the handmade goodies you got- those are the bEST!!!
i see he's taking after your wonderful paper crafting skills :)


so sweet! and fun to see you in the shots with sean! love the plate too!

Stephanie Howell

he is SO precious.
i mean, i can just see what a handsome young man he will become.
you are going to have girls knocking down your door. ;)
you are precious, too.

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