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June 25, 2008



Such a beautiful gift and cards, Melissa! So glad to see you posting today! Hoping all is going well! Thinking of you! Hugs!

Patricia Truel

Well, it was definitely worth the came back with a punch! Those are just lovely cards and gifts....can't wait to see more....PT

Leonie - Australia

What lucky teachers, they are beautiful gifts and cards, glad to see you back blogging & all is OK


I'm so happy to see your new post! I subscribe to Bloglines, and it took me until yesterday to realize that you had not posted to your blog in a while. I hope your summer is going well.


And the cards and teacher gift were lovely, as your projects always are :)

Leanne Stamatellos

I'm so pleased to see you back.
These gifts are so lovely and I'm sure they will love them.


Your Thank you cards are gorgeous! Glad to see you pop up in my Google Reader today, I was just thinking about you yesterday.


I love all of these gifts SO much!! And, so glad that you're back :)


Delurking to say that I missed your blog updates, and am so glad that you're back:) Hope all is well with you - I so enjoy your blog!


Glad to have you back, Melissa! I am in love with those dotty cards you created! Your ideas never cease to amaze me!


Hello beautiful!
I have missed you like crazy and didn't expect to find a new post when I popped in today so I'm beyond happy to find one :)
I've missed your posts and have been thinking of you multiple times a day!
Hugs and love you!

Heather M.

Soooooo good to hear from you again! I kept meaning to email you to see if things were okay! Thinking about you! Love the end of year gifts and those gorgeous card packs and cards! Great gifts!


Good to see you back! Hope you are okay! You made some lovely things, the teachers are lucky!


Yeeeee!!! You are back!
Love to see your blog active again.
I hope you are doing very good in everything in your life.. ;)

Welcome Back!


yay! so happy to see a post from you =)
love that you made a set of cards from your thurs beautiful.
hope you're doing well & enjoying the summer.


Hey M! I LOOOOOVE those printed cards (and your handmade ones as well!) Love the idea of printing out your beautiful quotes & photos, though! I have a bunch of those scrapworks rub-ons, too - good idea! Hope you are well! Happy Summer!

melanie louette

I'm so glad to see an update from you Mel. Been missing your posts, as you know! :)
Your cards and gifts are just gorgeous, as always- beautiful and elegant!


Nice to have you back're as inspiring as always! :)

joanne (spagirl)

hi melissa!
so good to "see" you again!
those gifts are just gorgeous!!
take care!


have been missing you terribly! you bring such sunlight into my world of blogging. i love these teacher gifts.. so thoughtful and well crafted. you do things with your whole heart, which is so admirable. best to you and those boys. xoxo.


so glad you're back! i've missed seeing your wonderful creations :) and hearing what you're up to! love the cards and gifts!


you updated
beautiful cards and gift, melissa.
hope you are well...

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