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September 22, 2008



Beautiful album and card, Melissa! Love it! What cute photos (and costumes)! :) Happy Fall to you! Hugs!

patricia truel

what a great idea...i loved this...can't wait to see next year's pic with the new Deakin!


Love the Halloween mini album and can't wait to see the beginning of the school album! Hope you're enjoying the same beautiful fall weather we are here in the Midwest.


Ok, this is just SOOOO adorable!!! I love it. :) I'm totally going to steal the idea for a mini album, as I have never scrapped a H'ween photo yet. :p Super cute Mel!!



I love the monkey costume....we had it too!


Oh, I love this idea (and your cute pictures). You can count me in as someone who has always *thought* of making a Halloween album (but has just never gotten around to it). You're always an inspiration Mel! :)


Cute album, cute costumes, cute boys :)

I'm thinking of scraplifiting Rebecca Coopers Halloween album from the Mini Album idea mag, but DD is only 2, so I may wait a few more years until I have more pics. Or maybe I'll dig up pics of DH and I from our Halloween years. Hmmm...

Heather M.

that is soooooooooo cute! love the idea - i should do one!

wendy sue

Adorable - I love it!! :o)

Wendy Bretz

I LOVE it Melissa!

Jackie W.

Too cute! What a great idea...I love it!

Leanne Stamatellos

what adorable costumes and you used those products beautifully!
looking forward to seeing this year's costumes soon.


OMG! this is such an amazing little book!
I adore it!
Your photos are so beautiful!


awesome pictures in this mini album. wish i could take pics like this.


oh my.
that is adorable.
love it so much.
hope you are well, melissa...

amy licht

love this idea, melissa!
the boys look adorable in their
costumes through the years.
hope you're feeling well. :)


SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Simple and beautiful!!!!

Joscelyne Cutchens! that is so awesome!


Melissa: thanks for the kind comments you left for me on my blog today. It's reciprocal. Your photography is lovely. I love the ongoing concept of this book, and the style is perfect.

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