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September 05, 2008



Cute card and gift for the new teacher.
Have a great weekend!


You amaze me! That sweet gift would have melted my heart!
Love the pictures and Happy Birthday Sean!


I love your pics of Sean and the treat bag and card is just great....Is the apple, stem, and leaf a die cut? or did you cut it free hand...



The photos and teacher gift & card are adorable! Glad to see you're feeling well enough to make some new things!


Cute, cute, cute! All of it! My son also enjoys the "Jo Bros"! Pretty fun to see them so excited.


Hello there,

I am amazed by your photographs! I found you through Vicki at Hollyhocks and I was wondering if you would share your secret as I am a lover of taking photos. Of you would like to share, visit my blog and shoot me a message!

Hope to hear from you and maybe I'll meet you on Nov.1st!

Sasha Farina

OMG... how adorable!! the little man.. the first day treats.. everything!


happy birthday, sean!
he is grwoing up to be such a handsome little guy.
love your teacher gift and card.
too adorable, melissa!


happy, happy birthday, Sean! (belated, sorry!)
Where do you find those chocolate apples? I looked up your gift from last year so I could copy it but then I had to improvise because I couldn't find apples...probably because I was doing it at the last minute! So they got candy in a paper bag instead. ; ) Thanks for the inspiration!!

melanie louette

Happy 6th to Sean!! Wow, it doesn't seem possible he's that old already. :( Such adorable photos, and I love your teacher gifts too, you're so amazingly thoughtful! That apple is just the cutest. :)

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