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September 01, 2008


melanie louette

You are the best. :) Thanks for your very kind words- so sweet of you! I'll try my best to get this lovely award on my blog,and find some great people to send it to in the next few days.. it will be hectic for me with school & work starting up, and Noah's bday on Thursday, but I'll post something as soon as I can!
Looking very forward to chatting with you again, soon I hope!


aw...thanks so much, melissa!
such an honor to be one of your nominations.
now i'm off to share the love...
talk soon!


thanks so much m! i'm honored :)and the feeling is definitely mutual! i love the feeling that your blog leaves me with...always inspiring and uplifting.


Thank you so much Melissa! I'm humbled by your sweet words and feel the I've known you forever, even if we've never met in real life. Your words have touched me. Thank you :)
I'll do mine soon...funny, you've put a bunch that I would as well :)


Your photos are inspiring. I came from M.Writes :)

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