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September 08, 2008


Jackie W.

Too cute! I love it!


That is the *sweetest* thing! I love this! He is quite the artist....we sadly, are still in the head with 2 sticks stage (unless I sit and ask him to really think about what a person looks like)!


That artwork is just great....when Bradley was little i had him create our christmas cards and then had them printed...they are just too precious!


What a beautiful drawing, Melissa. :) Caylin is drawing smiley faces so much now and it's just so sweet. I love children's artwork, too. :) Hope your week is off to a great start! Hugs!


WOW, he is a really great artist!!!

Leanne Stamatellos

He really is good at drawing - I must say you all look related ! :))))
How adorable.


so sweet!
and i do love the hair that sean added.


these are the best! i love kids artwork too :)

Wendy Bretz

so so special!
that boy is amazing :)
miss ya!

Sasha Farina

frame it! :D so adorable...

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