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October 08, 2008



Just found your blog through Joanna B.

We have 3 babies - 3 and under. Gave in last summer to a minivan when we found out #3 was on the way. We love it. Of course here in Alabama, there is not much snow.

Thanks for letting me visit!

Heather M.

I'm glad everything is okay with your DH. That must have been scary.
My sister and her husband have a Honda Pilot and totally love it. I know they would highly recommend it.
I'm not much help as we only have 2 kids and a Toyota Corolla. :)
Good luck with your search.


What's happening with Kevin? I'm so glad to hear he's okay, how scary! ((((hugs)))
I don't know about the car thing. I know my boss swears by her Honda Odyssey, but that's a minivan. I've driven Bob's minivan in the winter and it has super good traction. I think as long as you have good snow tires, you'd be fine with one. And you know we get as much,(if not more) snow than you guys!
When can we chat? Maybe Friday? Missing you!



So glad all is ok with your hubby, Melissa!! Hugs!!

As for the vehicle - I can't be any help since we just have one kiddo and a small Ford Focus X5 hatchback. LOL. It looks like a silver bullet and her name is Frankie. Yep, I'm a dork, but good luck to you on the search! I'm sure you'll get some great recommendations! Hugs again!! P.S. That is such a cute photo! ;)


gosh, so glad your hubby is okay!

i caved in & got a minivan, the honda odessey, last fall. it was great thru the winter (and you know how much snow we get!), plus i'm a huge chicken driver in the snow & especially ice, ugh!. definitely like mel said, you need good snow tires on it & you'll be fine. great storage room in the trunk too.

Shaun Paddock

I have three children and up until a year ago we lived in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have owned both 4 wheel drive vehicles and front wheel vehicles (mini van) and I must tell you that the front wheel drive is so much better in the snow and much better on gas.
Hope that helps.


We were in the same situation a few months ago. It killed me to spend money on a minivan when both our cars were paid off---but now I'm grateful. Buckling kids in and taking a car seat in and out is nothing when you have a minivan (vs our old Subaru).

We did a ton of research and debated getting the Toyota Sienna purely because of the 4-wheel drive option, but based on feedback about their tires, we went with Honda Odyssey.

HO's are in such demand and have such good resale value, that we were able to find a dealership that only sells used HOs. Great deals because it is such a specialized lot---I would look for something similar in your area (we used Forrest Moters in SLC).

Here's to good health for all 5 of you!


ok. Well you know i have three, with two in hockey, and if i know you, you will probably have three in hockey, or at least two, depending on if the baby is a girl! well, our minivan was fine when the children were little, but it is too small now with the hockey gear and going to tournaments and on we are going to be looking at a "suburban" type vehicle. the full size kind. (I haven't looked yet, so i am not sure what it is called) but there are shorter versions of them out there is my opinion... i will call you later to chat for a few minutes...for now, what can i do to help out with your situation...?


We have 3 kids (ages 7, 5 & 3), plus we carpool quite a bit which adds a couple more kids. We have owned a Honda Pilot for 5.5 years and I love it! Our three can fit in the middle row, even with boosters & car seats. The third row folds up or down. If it's down, there is plenty of room for storage. We live in Chicago, and I've never had any trouble with the Pilot in the snow.

I would highly recommend getting running boards on any SUV, because then the kids can scamper in and out of the car on their own. Plus then you have a place to rest your foot when you're leaning in & out of the car with an infant carrier or to help buckle your older kids.

As for other ideas ~ at school, I've seen some new SUVs with 3 rows, including the Enclave, the Toyota Highlander, and one by Mercedes, as well as other Pilots,

Good luck with your search!


Glad to hear hubbie is better. Health scares are not fun for the whole family...

And you do not look 24 weeks pregnant in that pic from earlier. I think I look more pregnant than you and I'm only 7 weeks :P

We're not up to 3 yet, but we've got our eye on the Subaru Tribeca (crossover/SUV). We've been happily driving our AWD Subaru Outback in WNY for 4 years. We rented a Chrysler Town & Country for the week of our wedding, and it had excellent handling in the snow.


Oh, and give the Ford Taurus X (not the old sedan, the vehicle formerly known as Freestyle) and the Chrysler Pacifica a try, too. Minivan meets SUV. They were our #2 and #3 when we bought the Outback - they both had nice wide wheelbases and the Ford has AWD.


Hugs on the health scare with Kevin. I'm happy to hear he is fine...thank God! That is scary Melissa!
I love the sweet picture of Luke :)
And, while I was pregnant with Johnny, we decided we needed a mini van. I love it. It's a Toyota Sienna ('02, the older version but I would love the newer version). It drives well in the snow, but I don't like driving in the snow and it wouldn't matter what I was driving....I'd stress about it ;) LOL.
I have 2 friends with 3 kids each and they both have recently bought the enclave and LOVE it. I can see where there isn't a lot of storage for strollers etc though. Their youngest is Johnny's age so they don't have that to worry about. Before that, one had a Suburban (a POPULAR vehicle here) and one a mini van.
Good luck in your search :)


sorry to hear about your dh's health issues! :(
We have the Escalade - but not the ESV model. Sometimes, I wish we had it, but I didn't like the look of the longer car.


phew. i'm glad to hear that kevin is well.
richard drives a mini van and the girls LOVE it.
but then, we don't get snow here so i would definitely get something with 4-wd.
hope you, the boys and the bun are doing well :)


When we found out about our third, we headed out and got the minivan (I must say, a bit reluctantly on my part). We chose a Honda Odyssey. If you have to have a minivan, this one is awesome. I asked my husband about 4x4 vans (he is Mr. Car Geek). He says Toyota's Sienna minivan comes with 4x4 and it's gotten good reviews in the car magazines. I see other's are recommending trucks rather than vans, which work, but with the newest babe, sliding doors are always your friend and open farther than a regular door.

Best wishes for your family.

stephanie Howell

I've been thinking about you lots, my friend. Glad to hear the results were good.
I know I already said this, but you must have been so scared, and i'm sorry for that, too.

as far as cars go, i went to look at the mazda crossovers the other day, they are awesome. also, i've heard the honda odyssey is amazing, but J. won't let me get a minivan. I told him if he wants another baby he needs to reconsider. HEEE!!

Jeanne K.

I'm in snowy WNY and love my Toyota Highlander with third row seating. It seats 7 with the third row up or hauls a large days worth of errands with the third row down. I drove it through the October storm 2 years ago and never had a skid. Granted, my little town is really on the ball with plowing the roads well before sunrise but not all the towns around me are that good. I can load mine and several others in with only 2 minutes to remove the usual junk from the cargo area and pull the seat up. The far back, as we call it, has a rear heater control of it's own.


Melissa - Thank goodness all is well with your husband. I will keep your family in our prayers.
As for the vehicle - we bought an AWD Toyota Sienna. I LOVE it! I have had it two winters now (I am in your area!) and it has been great. I love having all of the room to transport things for vacations etc.

Talk to you soon,

maureen wildauer

We just bought an all wheel drive Honda Pilot. The 2009 are all newly built and it gets great milage. I think I got 23mpg last fill up. It has enough room for a play pen and stroller in the back and seats 8. Be sure to check it out.

amy licht

Hi Melissa...hope everyone is feeling ok there!
We've had our Chevy Tahoe since Abby was born. I remember one of the reasons we bought it was because we could fit all three car seats(we needed it at that time)in one row.
love the picture of luke amongst the mums!!


Hi...happened upon your blog tonight. I have three children and drive a Chevy Suburban. It has room for bringing friends along. Enough room in the back to leave your stroller on a grocery trip, all with the third row useable. So I'd reccomend it over the Tahoe or minivan.

elizabeth rosemond

I would love to know what you decide on this. We have 2 kids (one teen, one baby), but will have another. We currently have an Acura MDX, which I absolutely LOVE (in Washington State the AWD is a huge plus), but even though it has a 3rd row, I really don't think it could handle another baby. And the 3rd row is tiny :)

So glad things with your hubby aren't super serious!

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