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November 16, 2008


lisa truesdell

you are too dang cute!! =) you look awesome!

Patricia can't even tell you have a baby in there. it looks like me after a nice meal!


You do look awesome! Thanks for the update - I was thinking you were headed into the home stretch, but I wasn't sure when you're due. Now I know!


You are tiny girl! Love this :)
Thinking of you...


You look beautiful as always! ;) Love the photo, my friend!

Heather M.

You look incredible, Melissa! Not too long now, hey?!

Leanne Stamatellos

how beautiful you look - like me at 4 weeks -hehehe!
best wishes to you for the arrival of your baby!

sasha farina

There you go... gorgeous as always. You're tiny! i'm green with envy.. LOL :) *hugs* Girl..


you look SO great!!! all baby! love the update shot :)


I love the belly shot! Thanks for sharing.

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