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November 11, 2008


patricia truel

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR POST! I can't believe your baby is only 2 months away! Boy it went by fast for ME!
I love all the cards! and they are just too perfect...i love the triangle banner too and how it can be adapted
to either genders...thanks for sharing and i was on your site like 4 times today, just feeling a new post coming!

patricia truel

Oh yeah, and the sew lines on that bib are just so in the world do you do that!?


I do love when you get creative :)
Good luck with getting life under control and organized before baby comes! I can't wait for your baby to be here :)
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sean's comforter and his bed! So awesome! Where did you get the comforter?


it's true i am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world. i must say a thousand thank you's. melissa, you are the best. seriously your attention to detail is astounding. i am truly in awe. thanks again for thinking of me. you create magic with your choice of materials. keep it up..

can't wait to see your upcoming bundle of love. rest and relax and enjoy some down time. best wishes.


Sasha Farina

those baby things... they're just perfect. little man looks really comfy on the bed!! any pbelly picture to share? :D


I love it when you create and share, too. You inspire me so much! Sean looks like he's loving his new bed and room and that's wonderful Luke is making those transitions, too! Caylin just finished up potty training and I'm SO glad that's over with! :) I can't believe you're due in 2 months! That's so wonderful! I'm so excited for you and your family, Melissa!! LOVE the cards that sweet bib and that beautiful journal! Have a blessed day, my friend! :)


My oh my! You have been very busy!!! Way to use that nesting energy!


Beautiful things you made... That journal especially. LOVE IT!

Heather M.

fun stuff! it's always a treat to see what you are creating! i hope you are feeling well. good luck with the photo project!


always enjoy it when you share your stuff :) so excited for your new little bundle of joy! when is your due date again?


I can't believe you are due so soon!!!!! I don't think you ever did email to let me know if you know what you are having....inquiring minds want to know! :)


I love all these great cards!!!

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