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December 15, 2008



I use scrapbookpictures, Melissa and have never been disappointed! It's Kodak processing though.


I use Shutterfly for batch orders. I specifically noved to them because Walgreen's stopped using Fuji processing in-store. I've been using them for about 2 years now and have been pleased (although I still print a number of photos at home for immediate scrapping).

I can't find what exact Fuji developing system they use, but they do use Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Details here:

Walmart also uses Fuji developing in-store (but good luck waiting for access to the upload terminals and you get iffy results with some techs), but I don't think their online processing does anymore.


I'm sure you've already tried Shutterfly, but that's what we use. Wish we had a Costco too!

BTW, so enjoying your daily pages, and especially those pregnancy shots. Nothing like being pregnant at Christmas! Enjoy the season.


i use mpix. it's kodak though.


hi there! i use penn camera. i think they are a local camera store/company but they ship. i've check out a bunch and i like there's the best as its professional quality prints. good luck!


I either use Shutterfly or Target! I'm actually always super happy with Target's quality. :)


Wish I could help, Melissa but I just print my photos at home. The few times I have needed batch copies, I've just used Shutterfly.

Mina Canilao

Hi Melissa,

You can still use Costco and just have the pics shipped to you rather than picking it up. :) Hope that helps.


I also use Mpix. They do use Kodak, but I've been really really happy with the prints.


I know what you mean about online developers.

Having said that, I use Kodak Gallery which utilizes their Perfect Touch processing. Their prints are a little inconsistent - some times the color is off but I have generally been happier with them than Shutterfly prints. Oddly enough, though, I prefer Shutterfly for other products - calendars, cards etc.

Let us know if you find an online developer that you like!

Also, I have very much been enjoying your frequent updates on your December album. It will be a lovely keepsake for this season.

Heather Moll

I'm a Costco user so I'm not a lot of help.

Elizabeth Rosemond

Hi there-

I agree with Mina. I would just have Costco handle your processing and send the pics directly to you. Sometimes it isn't fun having to wait, but I've never had any issues with Costco's quality :)

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