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December 16, 2008


lisa truesdell

lovelovelovelove my peg perego p3. it has the tray for the kiddo, the basket is acceptable, and i love the step in the back for a big kid to catch a ride.

i've never seen this one in person, but i've heard good things about it - baby jogger city mini - it has trays that you can addon for mom /baby.

Heather D

We have the Chicco Cortina Travel System. The car seat is a bit heavy, but it has good storage and trays for baby and momma. What sold me on it was that the stroller locks shut so it doesn't open up as I'm trying to stuff it in my tiny trunk. The orange and blue sold my Bears-fan husband! The only downside is that it doesn't seem to fit in the seat part of a shopping cart.

melanie bauer

we have the chicco cortina as well for c - LOVE it. everyone i know that has it LOVES it. fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. :)


A bugaboo. I missed that era, but they are fantastic.

Leanne Stamatellos

I can't help you with a pram - I had a peg pram also but now there are so many others to choose from.
Love the collage page and the belly shots - I love them all in fact!


We just bought a Chicco for baby#3, too. Glad everybody has good things to say about it!

Babies R Us has been having some decent sales on travel systems. I saved about $70 on mine with their sale + coupon!



I have a Bugaboo Bee.
it goes from newborn to 3-years old
it's both rear and forward facing
it has a Graco Snug Ride Car Seat adapter (the car seat that because of its safety I wanted to get anyway - although I have NEVER used the Bee with the adapter - so I wasted some money there)
it literally turns on itself at 360 degrees
it goes everywhere very smoothly
it has a great transport bag which, if you do a lot of flying, is a real savior

My six month old baby has the size of a one year old and with bunting and winter clothes the Bee is becoming tight!
It does not have a tray
Although it comes with a baby nest and is considered for newborn it's not a good substitute for a pram
It does not lock when close

Overall, I like it: it's still the smoothest stroller I've ever tried it but it's not perfect. I've heard good things of the Chicco Cortina but I don't know about their car seat quality. In general I've heard excellent reviews of MacLaren strollers which I am considering if the Bee really becomes too small!

Good luck and let us know what you get!


I have had eight strollers. Yes, it's a sickness and I'm in therapy. =)

My current stroller, which I've used almost exclusively since our youngest was born, is a Joovy Caboose, which is like a Sit-n-Stand stroller. It has a car-seat adapter and it's easy to use. It folds up and locks for getting into the car. It folds up pretty compactly but it is a bit heavy. The storage basket is small and hard to get to when a kid is sitting on the seat, but it's been great for when I've got all three kids and one of the big ones doesn't want to walk anymore. And when it's just me and the babe, the seat becomes an extra spot to park bags and whatnot. It does have a tray for the front seat, but no parent cupholders or storage. I had to by a separate storage caddy for the Starbucks cup I seem to always have.

Anyway, happy shopping!

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