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December 10, 2008


patricia truel

i love it! especially, "wood" - ;-}

Becca Tuck

So cute Melissa, I love it!! Love his pictures, they are precious.


omgosh Melissa....he did so awesome!
I love it! It's my most favorite thing at this age...when they are writing and sounding out words! It totally makes me smile!
Fabulous picture as well!
I was just thinking today about doing this with Johnny! Love the paper you made!


That is super cute, M!

Heather Moll

that is SO cute!

Jackie W.

This is just so cute! I love seeing each of your entries!


This is darling! I love your blog header picture, too!

sasha farina

OMG>.. I melted at the sight of the handwriting.. and melted again when I saw his photo... :) tell him I said Hi okay! alllllllllllllll the way from Sunny Singapore :D

Molly Irwin

gorgeous photos and arrangements. love it all. Thanks for the inspiration.

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