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December 08, 2008


Maureen Boyden

First of all...WOW on Sean's portrait! It's awesome!
Love your pages Melissa....mine, when I get to them, will also be super simple. I need to get some photos printed so I can stick them in (oh, I finally finished the album and posted some pages (empty, of course) on my blog.

As for Twilight.....I flew through it and immediately grabbed New Moon but decided not to read it. Partly, because I enjoyed Twilight so much and partly because I just can't take the time for reading right now :( I'll take the week after Christmas, when I'm off, the kids are off, and try to read them all :)
Hugs sweetie!


Love your Dec. Daily project-great job! And I think you rock the "simple look," so there's really no need for more :)

I promised myself that I was not going to read Twilight, but then a gal I teach with "made" me and I couldn't put it down. I just finished it this weekend and have already started New Moon. It's a problem....


Mel, your book is absolutely beautiful. There is NOTHING wrong with simple, it's your style (and mine) and if the shoe fits... mine is mega simple too, and even though I'd like it to be more 'arty', (ala Ali)it's just not my style, so I'm going with what I do best. ;) I think it's commendable that you're even doing it at this point, being so pregnant and with everything else going on! I hope to be able to post mine soon so you can feel better about yours, lol. And I'm SOOO glad your'e reading Twilight and loving it! I've read all 4 books now and have gone back to re-reading Twilight for the 2nd time. I'm enjoying it just as much! :)


I have so enjoyed your daily album! I'll be catching up on mine tonight and hopefully have it posted tomorrow. You've been such an inspiration!

I've started reading Twilight, just about 100 pages into it. I'm enjoying it more than I'd like to admit - I can see that I'll have to buy the whole series now, darn it. But I think I'll avoid the movie for now.

patricia truel

love your album...and now i guess i have to get that book!...what is the red envelope for behind your last page of the december daily book?

Heather Moll

cute, cute, cute! i absolutely love your stockings!

and i absolutely LOVE your simple style!

Margaret Scarbrough

I so wish I had set aside the time to do this this year. There's always next year, I guess. I love keeping up with yours though.

So far, I've resisted the Twilight temptation, hee. But I'm thinking I may have to cave in soon. :)

Hope you're doing good these days. Can't believe you'll be a family of five soon!!!


We have the same stockings! My twins each have a reindeer and my husband and I have the plain red velvet. I debated about whether or not to put our names or 'Mom' and 'Dad' - like you I went with our names and I'm so glad I did. We live in Canada so I had to have them shipped to a friend in the US - it was a bit of an ordeal but so worth it - we treasure them!!
I love the way your December Daily is coming together - and simple is beautiful!!
Happy Holidays!

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