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January 09, 2009


Courtney Kelly

Oooh, how exciting! I just found your blog too! Can't wait to see pics of the little babe! I passed my due date twice so I know how that feels, lol.. the C-man was 2 weeks late! Wishing you some baby inducing thoughts!


Thanks for the update! What a patient woman you are.

Oh, and did you happen to catch a recent news story on the benefit of babies going full-term? The New England Journal of Medicine is about to publish a report on how many more complications and infections happen to babies who are born via C-section just one week early. So there may be more mothers hanging in there til 40 weeks (like you) in the future.


What a lovely picture...You do look lovely in all the pictures and...I can't believe you've reached your due date! I looked like a whale on my due date!! My very best wishes!

Jackie W.

How cute! Good luck until the babe comes!

melanie louette

I was so thinking of you today, I even posted about you on my blog. ;p I hope to hear your good news VERY soon. Good luck hon, may it be fast & painless! ;)


I've tried avoiding your blog....only because I don't want you to feel like I'm stalking ;) LOL!
Seriously....this picture is fantastic and I'm sending prayers and happy delivery vibes your way :)


such a sweet photo!!! im thinking about you too!!!

patricia truel

i can't believe you are still walking and standing! I am glad you haven't had the baby yet...that gives me a day or two more to get your gift!


aw. i love that picture.
thinking of you...


Awwww! Thinking of you!


great picture, so sweet!
thinking of excited
to see the new little one :-)


What a cute picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is a lovely picture!
Can't wait to have news from you and the baby!


Love that beautiful photo, my friend!
Thinking of you!
I have a little something for your new one on the way.
I will be mailing it out soon. Be on the lookout. ;)

Karla Dudley

ooooooooo am I ..........


Sending good (contraction) vibes your way! Good luck!

Robyn W.

I'm thinking of you! I hope that everything goes well and your holding that sweet baby in no time! Good luck!!! Hugs!!

Margaret Scarbrough

I can't wait for your next post Mel! :)

Seriously though, I keep thinking about you and thinking about you. I hope you have a wonderful delivery and that you'll be holding a sweet little babe in your arms real soon! Best wishes!!!

melanie louette

Anything yet? I'm on pins and needles here! :)

Heather Moll

I still can't get over how incredible you look, Melissa! I hope you are doing well and holding that sweet little one soon!


I just found your blog also. I passed my due date 4 times!! But, your day is coming soon. Just wondering if you journaling titles are from Ali Edwards? and if you put them on within PSE? I am new to digtial scrapping.


Just checking in on you, sweet girl! Can't wait to meet the babe :)


lovely photo!
I love how you added the text over it.


ooh goodness. melissa, i'm dying. hopefully he came over the weekend. bless you for being patient. good luck and have fun. xoxo. we're thinking of you!

Stephanie Howell

ooh, melissa-
i'm so excited for you and your precious family!!

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