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February 13, 2009



I saw that on the news. How horrible and scary, Melissa! So glad you and your family weren't affected! Praying for all of those involved and their families! Hugs!!


We're all kind of number here at work. Just heard my friend's brother (Newstead volunteer fireman) is okay. And hoping no one I know is on the passenger list... :(

melanie bauer

thinking of everyone that is involved - so scary.


I immediatley thought of you when I saw this last night. I know you are in that area. Been listening to the news all day today...this was just horrible.

Wendy Bretz

we have been watching this all day melissa.
what a horrible thing :(

melanie louette

When I heard about this on the radio, my heart skipped a beat...I thought of you guys immediately, and I'm so glad you're all safe. I can't believe this happened so close to your home. So terribly sad and terrifying. You know I'm thinking of you!!

Stephanie Howell

my heart is just breaking, i can't even conceive of how horrid this must be.
praying lots. xo


sending prayers for the families......such a sad and heartbreaking tragedy :(

Heather Moll

oh my, that is so scary and so sad.


Praying for everyone involved. So tragic and unimaginable! Though we are closer to NYC, all of our family lives in either Buffalo or Rochester. So we were horrified and worried for everyone around there.


i was so scared when i heard about this, as chris was in new york- but far from this i found out. so scary that it was so close to you. im so sorry!

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