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May 25, 2009


Leonie - Australia

These are just beautiful Melissa ! I found joy this week when I loaded some photos onto my computer & found one I really, really loved of my husband & daughter together, I was so thrilled with it. Have a lovely week.

Megan Renfree

Oh wow, these are beautiful!!! I would love to have one of these. As for what gives me joy...summer and the sun, which is depressing cos its just coming on winter here, but luckily we are off to Oz in a few weeks for a holiday, and I am sooooo looking forward to a bit of sun!


hi melissa
Im from the good old land of oz, so not commenting for the giveaway, but just wanting to tell you how beautiful these are.What a gorgeous gift for loved ones and friends.I have been reading your blog for some time now, and just adore your photos.Truly Inspirational.


oh they are so lovely! thanks for sharing.

connie tacazon

The bookmarks are beautiful. I celebrate joy whenever I see my 3 girls holding hands. It's great to see the love and the sisterly bond they share. I never had a sister so I'm a little jealous. Oh, what joy!


Spending time with family brings me joy. Not only my immediate family but our extended family.


Those are so beautiful, Melissa! How sweet of you!
What brings me joy? God has blessed me with so many things that add joy to my life, thankfully, but one of my favorite "joy bringers" is my daughter's little giggle. ;) Thanks so much, sweet friend! Have a wonderful week! Hugs!!


Beautiful notes and bookmarks! Things that bring me joy are my 4 beautiful children, wonderful husband, this beautiful earth, books and creativity.


The beautiful sunshiney day brings me joy!!!

Julie - On the Dot Creations

What beautiful giveaway items, Melissa! Something that brought me joy this past weekend was watching a mother finch build a nest in one of the ferns hanging outside my office window. Her diligence and care was so evident from her many, many trips back and forth. There are now 5 eggs safely resting in the nest. I can't wait to watch their progress!


When both of my kids take a nap at the same time! Don't get me wrong I love them to death, but its those quiet moments that a mom needs sometimes!


Many things bring me joy,but the first thing that came to mind is photos. I take a lot of photos, and if I happen to get a good one, it makes me very happy!

Please let me know about your photography business. I live near Rochester, which isn't too far from you!

Dawn Madigan

These are beautiful and i am always jotting something down.
Three things that are bringing me joy right now, our new puppy Ruby, my husband and how hard he works for us, and longer brighter days.
Dawn M

Heather M.

you are so talented! i love seeing your creations!

right now, I am so happy and overjoyed with the warm weather we have been enjoying! it is so nice to be able to go outside!!!!


Great giveaway :) What brings me joy?.... two freshly bathed kiddos in adorable, cozy pyjamas. Love it :)

Thanks for the fun!!



What brings me joy? My perfect husband, my first ever niece (being born in October), and helping other people.

Jackie W.

What adorable little treat! My joy is mostly experience through my children, like when my son writes me little notes or my daughter empties the dishwasher each time without complaining. Thanks for the chance to win!


They are gorgeous! I love fresh baked bread, the reactions when I make a good meal, the smell outside after rain, snuggling under the covers on a cold winter's day. :)

Love your daisy photo in your previous post as well. Good luck with the new photography biz! I wish I lived closer.


How nice of you to have a giveaway! My children bring me joy, of course, as well as my husband. At this time of year in Chicago, I also enjoy warmer days, our garden, and more free time with the kids.


Joy for me is spending time with my family.


you are just too cute. :)

joy? getting a chance to just knit a bit. or catch up on all the goodies waiting for me in google reader. or listening to my baby girl make the sound of an owl. even if it does sound like a dog to me. :)

Patricia Truel

Old people give me joy. I love to sit around and listen to all the old timer stories. I remember telling my children, to always ask the old timers questions because a lot of the times, they don't ever get to share their stories. You can always learn something from them. My grandpa was in WWII and he would just sit around and answer any questions i asked. During the parade this past weekend, my eyes were full of tears and my heart burst with emotion when i saw the old timers and the WWII veterans in the Memorial Day Parade. They were just full of pride. Sitting in those cars and waving - proud to serve the country oncce again.


These are beautiful!
What brings me joy? Watching my kids as they sleep, so peaceful and innocent! It brings out a smile and tear every time! Its even better to see a smile on their face and I know they are having sweet dreams!

Camilla Blue

Remembering. Remembering when my son told me he asked Jesus into his heart. Remembering when my oldest daughter was born healthy even after an ultrasound suggested she might have a birth defect. Remembering the first time my youngest daughter said "Mama". Remembering the first time my husband told me he loved me. Remembering the grace and mercy of my heavenly father gives me joy.

Megan Horner

I just stumbled onto your blog and love your bookmarks! Your photos are beautiful!

What brings me joy? Goofing off with my dad :)

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