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May 25, 2009


Ellen Patton

I love paper! What brings me joy? People enjoying letters/cards that I send them.


Love your photos and your blog....what brings me joy is watching my children these days growing, experiencing life, laughing together, and just having fun.


I love it when my kids play together happily---lately they'll take a break from chasing each other to hug!


Seeing my kids get along so well and hearing them saying "I love you" to each other brings me lots of joy! Thanks for this giveaway!

Martha Strickland

Hi Melissa, On May 10, I celebrated Mother's Day and my birthday with family all around. That brings me joy, but I believe the icing on the cake was this...My grandson, Eli and granddaughter, Hadley gave me the book "Guess How Much I Love You". We read it together and laughed about how much we love each other. As I was kissing him good-bye in his car seat, he said "I love you to the sun." Wow, it is an unbelievable feeling to have a child that you did not have yourself love you so deeply. JOY. Martha Strickland

Laurie Turpin

i love your fresh and clean and inspiring....

my niece and nephew bring me joy :)

Crystal Johnson

a hot shower (without a bathroom audience!)
a long walk with a good friend
adult conversation
watching the wheels turn as Owen and Ben learn new things
the sound of the ocean
little giggles
to know I've made someone's day!


My children bring me so much joy right now, especially the three year old. I never know what to expect with him anymore and it really funny to see what he thinks of next. Last night when he was supposed to be in bed, he rolled up the rug in his room, dragged it into the hallway and left it there in a nice little rolled up style in the dark hallway for me to trip over when I went to bed. It's a big rug, and I have no idea how he accomplished this. He makes us laugh every day with something new he says or does.

Ana Salomé

Hi Melissa :) Your bookmarks & mini-notebooks are lovely...
There are many things that bring me joy...the blue sky, my family, making things for other people, going back to my country for a visit (can't wait for Saturday!), etc, etc.


My boys and my husband gave me JOY!
Beautiful giveaway!

Amy J.

What brings me joy is seeing my kids be nice to each other when I'm they think my husband and I aren't around. Our little girl just turned one in March and the other day she fell while trying to learn to walk. My middle son who's 3 1/2 heard her, turned around, and then walked over to her and patted her on the back and then gave her a kiss on the head. I about melted. So sweet!!


love the cute bookmarks you have. What brings me joy is when I see my kids get along so well and when I hear them say "I love you" to each other when they think no one is listening. I love that!


i hope i'm not too late...i just adore your blog and your creative spirit. what brings me joy is watching my kids playing and together. that is priceless :) thank you for sharing your life! aloha, darcie :)

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