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May 21, 2009


Patricia Truel

do you take all your photos or get them online?

love this one. The blue is just gorgeous...


Heather M.

soooooo gorgeous! and i love that quote!


I loved to read you last post but I didn't have the words in English to add a comment. Maybe I can simply thank you for sharing it :)

I totally LOVE the picture and the quote, I have to remember it, for sure! :)


I just read your post from the other day and I think you are wonderful for sharing your story.
They are so many women silently suffering and maybe you helped someone by posting your story.
I don't know what it is about 3rd children, but I totally know the feeling for mine is my heart :)
Good luck with the new venture and if Buffalo wasn't about 9 hours away...I would hire you in a nanosecond!

wendy bretz

i'll be bring hannah up for some photos at the end of the summer melissa ;)

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