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May 19, 2009



Your baby is beautiful and I'm so glad to hear your feeling much better this time around. I suffered the blues with my oldest and youngest(thankfully nothing more serious). When I tell young mother's about it they admit they are too. So glad you are talking about it...someone will not feel so alone. Have a blessed day.


I was just applauding you Melissa! For sharing, for the decisions you made, and for being such a great momma!
Hugs and congrats on the business! I wish we lived in your area :)


I'm so glad you're feeling better this time around! Thank you for sharing your story of PPD. I'm sure that it will help many new moms.

Melanie H

Thank you for that. I dealt with really awful anxiety the whole time I was breastfeeding my son. I didn't think it was PPD because I didn't feel depressed. I had no idea that it could manifest that way. I really wish I had done something to treat it.

Thank you for sharing your story. It helps me to know that it can be better. :)


Kuddos for you Melissa for share the experienc and overcome it in the way you choose to be right!

So many people live with anxiety for many reasons, I'm one of them and maybe it started with PPD or just becuause of my grandmother illness and death, but I too decided to put a STOP to it and have a life! We have to little boys and I can't loose the time and happiness that I know I can have. So, yes medication help. I feel so much better and yes not in a fog or worriness all the time.



thanks for sharing this.
best of luck on the photo business.
you'll be fabulous.

wendy bretz

melissa, three words...
you are amazing!


beautiful, the story and your photography. i am happy you opened up about PPD. i feel fortunate not to have suffered from it with my first baby, but i know it's bound to touch my life in some way. we all get down once in awhile, especially in winter. i'm glad i'm not the only one who felt alone once in awhile. i am glad i'll know who to turn to for advice. thank you for your words.

best of luck with your photography!

jennifer mcguire

thank you for sharing your story. i suffered PPD, too - it was hell. but somehow it helps knowing that others continued on to have PPD-free births. hugs to you.


Oh my goodness, words from my own heart! So glad to hear things are better this time around. I have winter/January babies too, and it sure is hard to deal with gloomy weather on top of the feelings. Thanks for sharing, I know that was very hard and personal too. I always say, "Better Living Through Chemistry!" Thank goodness for medication! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us. Good luck with your business!

lisa truesdell

sending lots of hugs - so glad you've found a way to enjoy this time around. and congrats and good luck on the photo business!!


Thank you so much for sharing! I am currently pregnant with my first child and worry about dealing with postpartum depression, because I've struggled with regular depression in the past. Your solution is something I will definitely squirrel away in my mind in case I need it!


Thanks for sharing your story, I think it's important to do whatever you need to in order to be happy and fulfilled. I enjoy looking at your blog, your photos and your Project 365 as it serves as inspiration for my own project. Here's to happy mamas!


You will do a fantastic job as a photographer. I always love your pictures and wondered if you would give it a try. Good luck.


melissa, thanks so much for sharing this....your strength and honesty are so admirable. your boys are so lucky to have you. and i'm so thrilled to hear about your photography business ... about time! your photos are always so amazing ... beautiful and so warm.


Heather M.

thanks for sharing this post, melissa. your words made me well up with tears. i am so glad that you are enjoying having a newborn this time around. that is such wonderful news.

i can't get over how much jackson looks like your other boys, especially sean (or is it just me?). he is so sweet.

congrats on the photography business. now that makes me super happy! wish i lived closer so you could take our photos. i have always loved your photos.


What an admirable thing to share, Melissa. I'm so sorry you had to go through that a couple of times, but so happy that this time around things were much different and that everything is so wonderful! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on starting up a photography business, too! I SO wish I lived closer to you! All of your photographs are beautiful. Everything you create is beautiful. :) BIG hugs, sweet friend!!

Stephanie Klauck

Beautiful post Melissa!
So glad you are enjoying Jackson and more importantly - feeling happy inside.



Thank you for sharing your story. I dealt with PPD with my son... and it was like yours.. that anxiety filled fog. I had myself soo anxious about everything almost to the point of paranoia. I was terrified anytime I had to be alone... and although my son was born in July, I had a similar issue with leaving the house - instead of cold and snow it was heat and humidity. We had no days below 85 and 90 for almost 6 weeks. I was also breastfeeding and it was not going soo well though, which just added to the anxiety. When my son was around 4 weeks I finally started trying to pump and we found out the reason the breastfeeding was going soo poorly was that I was producing too little milk. So after almost 8 weeks we switched to formula, and got medication for me. Although it took time, I was able to enjoy my little one, which I hadn't done in those first 2 months.

I'm glad you are doing well and you were strong enough to share your story!!!


Hi there! I have been following Jackson's growth through your photos and I have been admiring your utter joy. It is good to know the background now. I had to have my visiting nurse give me permission to stop BFing after the effects of pre-eclampsia had me exhausted and weak when I brought the twins home. You do feel so guilty, but it was the best decision for my family. We have to share our stories because for some reason we women aren't happy unless we run ourselves into the ground. I spent hours outside playing with the twins yesterday and realized that this weather is the best thing ever for energizing me so that I can enjoy the journey. All of your boys are beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job with them.

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

Big Hugs Melissa! So glad you are doing well, and I wanted to wish you the very best of luck with your photography business. You take beautiful photos!


oh melissa...
i am just reading this...
though i don't have children...
i think it is amazing you shared
your story hoping it will help others!
you go!! :)
it was so so good to see you the other
day... you look amazing!
your babies (and your photos!!) do too!
hope to get together soon!!
take care,


i've been such a slacker, just reading this now, melissa. thank you for sharing your story. and congratulations on the new business. so excited to see this new venture of yours. you are extremely talented in so many areas.


Melissa, how brave and compassionate of you to share your experiences. I can relate to much of what you've written. It's so valuable that as women and mothers we tell all sides of the story, because that honesty -- as difficult as it is sometimes -- is what pulls us together. And helps us support each other. You're nothing short of amazing!

~ Jacqueline

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