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June 16, 2009



your teacher gifts always amaze me. those teachers must love you and your crafty treasures. i love your clipboards too. my pdf. template is back in my shop for those interested.

have a lovely summer season.


These are great ideas!!! I have saved all of them for future gifts. Thank you!

Patricia Truel

BOY, THOSE ARE GREAT!. I have never noticed this before, but sean looks like Kev....


you're so clever :)


great teacher gifts-you are amazing!!


I want to teach your children! :)
LOVE these things Melissa! So awesome and the cards are such a great idea as well!
Hugs my friend.....

Heather M.

Wow, you are so sweet! I wish I was a teacher to one of your kids! :)


I love the fabrics you used for the cup cozies!


your teacher gifts are amazing! i bet their teachers just adore you! :-)

patricia truel

I really like the idea of Sean's photo. I did something similar for Valentine's Day...

Do you have a pattern for the cozy?

Oh, i see it!

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