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June 01, 2009


Leonie - Australia

Oh my goodness, what a lucky girl you are Melissa to get a 5D,I look forward to seeing what you do with it :-) The mosaic is just beautiful I bet he loved it.

Leanne  Stamatellos

Congratulations Melissa on this wonderful gift - he will love the mosaic!
Hve fun with the Mark 2.


So, will you send me your 'old' camera now? ;p LOL!

These photos are stunning, what a beautiful mosaic! It needs to be printed out and framed. :) So thrilled you're doing photography now. You're a natural.
Did you go to CKC?
Miss you!


I SO got shafted in the father-in-law department. ;) Love the pics, as always!


Heather M.

seriously??!!?! he bought you the 5d mark II?!?! I am soooooo jealous! wow. i need a fil like that! lol!

beautiful collage - totally love seeing a photo with you in it!

lisa truesdell

beautiful. and enjoy that camera!!


really love those pics you took..they are just so beautiful.


Wow! What an awesome gift!!
That's an awesome photo mosaic, too!
So beautiful! Love it, Melissa! Enjoy the new camera!

Patricia Truel

interested in selling your old camera to me?


hi!, i love all that you do!!.. i have a question, i'love the font of "wonderful" word, could you tellme which font is?, i try to found something like this but is impossible for me!!!... heeeelpp

Camilla Blue

lovely work.


I would also love to know the font used for the word 'wonderful' - it is perfect!


Your mosaic is AWESOME! I like the font you used for the word "wonderful" too! Hmmm...where can you find Father-in-laws who buy you Canon 5D Mark ii's? That was really big of him. Enjoy your new toy!!! Keep up the great work.

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