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August 05, 2009


Teresa Murphy

Hey Melissa,

I splurge on fresh flowers every week too!! And like you, sometimes more than once a week! LOL!! And I don't tell my husband either! LOL!!!

Love all the things you love!

Teresa Murphy

I didn't realise until now that live in NY!! Whereabouts? I used to live in Yonkers and we moved back to Ireland at the end of '05.

A. Jarrett

I definitely know how hard it is to get the shop off the ground, etsy shop, blog, family! Hang in there!

Love this list!


love this glimpse into you and the things that you love!


That vintage quilt looks so nice! I wish I could find something like that!!! Good luck with all that you are doing Melissa, I can only imagine how busy you are!
Lovely really feels warm and shows lots of personality.


Love this idea!

We understand and we appreciate that you still do check in from time to time. Your blog has always been one of my favs.


ah, what a beautiful pictures. the things you love - are the same things i love. isn't that funny. this post has inspired me to work on a list of my own. thanks!

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