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September 23, 2009



okay, i've been drooling over that site since you started posting links to it! i'd love to have something from there for the new baby's nursery!

as for c's room, my favorite "accessory" is the mural of a tree i painted on her wall. she now will point to it each night and to the owl sitting in it and "hoot". so cute. and love that she enjoys something i created just for her.


really? how lucky would i be?
my favorite thing in my boys' room is their books. i have a stacked of "special" books that stay up on the shelf to be read only every once in awhile. the pretty covers on the front make for such good artwork!
love, lindsay

Cass M

oh my goodness ... that hippo pillow is too, too cute!

right now, my favorite accessory in my son's room is the large letter H on his shelf that i covered in fabric and piped in ribbon ... it looks so good, if i do say so myself!


Books. Lots and lots of books.

Sarah Mullanix

My absolute favorite thing in my son's nursery (who just turned one in August) is the collage board that I made to post photos and items from his first year. I decorated the borders of a large canvas in the safari theme that matches his room and filled in the middle with my favorite photos and special items that I saved from his first year. I will always love this board and keep it for myself when he has outgrown it.

Sarah Mullanix


my favorite accessory in my son's room is his art wall. a place to display all of his favorite art projects!


That hippo pillow is TOO cute.

My favorite accesory in Titus' room is a mix of old sign letters my best friend got at an antique shop in MN that spell out his name. They're big and funky and old and just perfect.


Erika Hyde

My favorite accessories are my daughters bow holder that i made and her photo frame collage


What an awesome giveaway and an awesome site!
Something in my daughter's room that I love are these two canvas art pieces that I made using some fabric scraps, paint and a button. :) I made them to match her bedding so they are colorful, whimsical and fun! Thanks for the chance, Melissa! Hope you and your family are doing well! Hugs!!

Amy J.

I love the giveaway and I hope it's me. :-) I have an adorable hairbow holder that a friend made for me. It's pink with polka-dots and it's so girlie. After having two boys, it's fun to experience the fun with hair bows and pink!


Love your glad I found you! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

Pink Sky

Pretty! Thank you for sharing the site and the wonderful giveaway!

My favorite part of the nursery are the handmade paintings I made to decorate it. :)

Marilyn Tschorke

How nice of you to do such a fun giveaway! I am a Grandma to 3 year old Brooklyn. My favorite accessory in her bedroom is a frame I embellished with ribbons and a charm. The frame holds a photo of my husband and me. My daughter tells me that Brooklyn looks at the photo often, and tells her that she loves Grandma and Grandpa. That makes me so happy!

Erin Drago

polkadotandplaid...I didn't even know you have a blog!! I just added it to my favorites. Thanks so much for doing a nice and fun!!:) My daughter's bedroom has a bird theme...I never really paid much attention to birds until I started decorating her room. I think my favorite assesory has to be the pictures I took to hang on her wall. We decorated around Easter, so I took marshmallow peeps (pink, yellow, purple, and blue)outside and placed them in locations you would find real birds (birdhouse, bush, etc.). Then I framed the pictures with some brightly colored mattes and ended up with some very inexpensive wall art. I really had fun with that project, so I definitely think those are my faves!!:) Thanks again for doing this!!:)

Erin Drago

I just realized I spelled "accessory" did I do a former English teacher, I had to correct it, or I would go crazy!!:)


Lovely giveaway!
I am the proud great-aunt to a brand new tiny grandnephew. My favorite item for his nursery is a handmade wood and felt animal theme mobile I made.


What a great site and I love your blog. One of my favorite things from my little girls room is her bed canopy. We made it out of extra fabric from her bedding and a little iron flower box we found from Hobby Lobby. We turned the flower box upside down and attached the fabric on the inside. Then we hung it on the wall over her headboard. The fabric drapes down on either side of the headboard and we used simple little hooks as tie-backs.
In my little boys room my favorite item is a big furry stuffed bear rug.


My favorite thing in my daughters room would have to be these pink and green striped boxes. I love the colors, and they were one of the first little additions that I bought when I found out that we were having a girl.

Melanie Disbrow

Hi Mellisa,

how exciting that we get to do this :) It isn't a everyday thing that you can win something so unique and fun. Since i am on Flickr i adore your photography and how you always inspire me either with your photography or your wonderful blog which i love to check out.
My favorite accessories in our sons nursery is our family tree with all the fun pictures of our family, it makes me happy when i can tell Eli who everyone is and that everybody has a special place in our heart.I think why it is so special to me is that i was born and raised in Germany and my family is still there so it is pretty hard some days.
Thank you so much for letting us do this so much fun : )

...can't wait until Monday, hehe.


Lisa Mathre

Hi Melissa,
Flickr Friend here! My favorite accessories in my son's nursery are his Dad's old toys which I have featured in a few photos. Old truck and train car and an old lunch box. I also love his life size giraffe....from the fabulous toy maker's Doug and Melissa. So...while my camera is in the shop and I am checking out these fabulous blogs....I thought I would say hello and tell you I love your work on Flickr and love your blog!
Have a beautiful day!

Bailey Noelle

My favorite accessory are their handprints in cement that they did. The youngest accidentally moved his hands while making the prints so they look goofy :D I love them so much more than if they were perfect. After they set I puff painted their names and painted the whole thing blue; then I hung them in their rooms with ribbon.


A picture frame with my daughter's name.

April Davis

My favorite accessory in my little guys room is the area rug, It's a needlepoint rug with cute animals and bright colors. He's 2 now, so soon it will be replaced. This rug has been passed down from when my now 18 year old brother had it in this room as a baby. This is my 3rd son to use the rug in his room. We are not having any more kids, so this is the last use of the rug for us. :(

rita norton

My favorite accessory in my daughter's room are her bright colored pillows. Cool funky colors adorn the different sizes and shapes. A sea of greens and blues - no pink for this girl!


I don't have any children, but I would love a pillow for one of my nieces or nephews. My favorite thing in the children's room is original art. I even have some of their finger paintings framed in my house too.

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