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October 15, 2009



You know, I see this magazine all over the blog-o-sphere and I never really knew much about it. Thanks for the peek! I love it!

lisa truesdell

oh heck, melissa - i've been trying to resist that one, just because of the price point. but the pages you posted - OY!!


Very cool! I'm gonna have to get my hands on that one. I resist subs b/c we move all the time, but that one I may have to check in to. TFS!



Ooh, it looks really awesome! I'm going to see if it's available here, and if not, I'll probably subscribe. Enabler!! ;p


I have a serious magazine obsession as well but since several of my favorites are no longer I think it is high time I find a new magazine to fall in love with and this one looks perfect! Thanks for sharing!


No more Thursday thoughts? I so look forward to them each week!


oh how i've missed reading your blog. i had to come and catch up! looks like you are doing well! jackson is SO big!

Heather M.

that looks like a really cool magazine! i need to look for it!

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