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January 11, 2010



He is just the sweetest, and I can tell by your wonderful photos of him that you love him so much- he's such a happy, beautiful baby! LOVE this collage, hope you print it out.
Happy 1st birthday Jackson!!

patricia truel

he is just so beautiful...!
look at all those teeth.
every picture, even the one month old...has a big open smile!

patricia truel

i meant to say even the three month old...not one...oops, it's monday.
happy birthday jackson


Awwww! Happy birthday, baby J!

Jackie W.

Oh my goodness! I can't believe he's one, either! What a cutie. And I'm so sorry, because I know I owe you some vinyl flowers...shame on me! I'll have to get right on it. I'll drop them by sometime, I promise! Thanks for the pic - we love them!!! Hugs to Jackson!


Happy Birthday, Jackson! He is such a cutie pie, Melissa! ;)


Holy hats, batman!Love that...your trademark :)

HUGE happy birthday wishes to Jackson and lots of happy thoughts to you - I know how hard that first one is!


What a cutie! Methinks you like the hats :).

Heather M.

oh my goodness! i can't believe he's one already!!! that went by so fast! he is so beautiful! happy birthday jackson!

amy licht

just adorable, melissa. really & truly!
happy birthday, jackson!...hope you all are doing well. :)


Awww, Happy Birthday Jackson! Look at all that gorgeous hair. Such a cutie pie!


No way! I can't believe he is one :( It has FLOWN least for me ;)
Happy Birthday sweet Jackson! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures.....what a beautiful boy you have.....of course, they all are!
Hugs and Happy New Year to you sweet Melissa! Miss you!


I just stumbled upon our site and fell in love with the knit baby leg warmers at the top of your page. Any chance you'd be willing to share with me where you got them? I have a little boy and would love to get him a pair!
Thanks, Kim


Loved your Christmas card, Melissa. You are an amazing mother. What a great have reading for Advent.. and what a great book selection.


just recently found your blog, but wanted to pop on to say how wonderful this is!!! what a handsome little fella!!! :)

Sasha Farina

wow.. he's one already? seriously? SERIOUSLY?? Happy Birthday Jackson. Although I'm in denial as well.


Happy {very belated} Birthday, Jackson cutie!! :)

Dallas Shaw

this is adorable

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