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February 16, 2010



I personally find you inspiring...but these links are the icing on top of the icing!

Courtney Walsh

Oooh, good stuff! I LOVE new links! :)

Thanks for sharing!


Melissa!! You are too sweet {thank you}! Lovely links! I've never seen Beauty in Everything, Wow! A daily dose of gorgeous! Ahh, Nicole from A Little Sussy is having art classes in L.A. this weekend...ohhh, and I can't go... :( ...and I agree with kellicrowe...I find you inspiring!

Nest Studio

Hi Melissa
are you the melissa who asked about Moopy? the link to your blog didn't work... so I am taking a guess this is you.

Um embarrassingly I don't have a copy of that book... but I do have the Australian edition at work so will check for you what might be going on with the pattern



so glad to see you back! I was getting worried!


thanks for these great links and Thank you for the lovely mention! I am honored to be with such a list of inspiration!
good luck with the computer!


thanks for the great links! and hope your computer situation is resolved soon!

My Owl Barn

Great links! Some of these blogs I visit regularly for daily dose of inspiration :)


I was worried.....I know in the past, you have been absent because of illness spreading in the family.
Phew....not that you have illness to your computer but that you don't have it in the family.

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