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March 31, 2010



These are gorgeous Melissa, I can't get the link to the basket to work could you send it to me please, it is lovely! Have a Happy Easter!

Oh, so glad to see you are back!! Happy Easter!


Congrats & Welcome Back! I can't wait until July when my current service contract expires so that I can get my new iPhone. Oh, think of the fun you'll have!

Monika Wright

Wow, even a wireless keyboard. We have the wireless mouse, but not the keyboard yet. Love all things, Mac, thanks to my dear, dear husband. And, the iPhone is the first phone I don't have to ask my 18-year old how to use. My 4-and 6-year olds even know how to get to the movies, photos and games! You will continue to enjoy having this wonderful piece of technology on your desk each day! Enjoy!

Heather M.

woohoo!!!!! good for you!

Wilda Matos-Ferch

I'm so glad you are back! Miss reading and seeing your projects.

Welcome back!

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