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April 08, 2010


Heather M.

Beautiful photo, Melissa!

Your blog looks great to me. The font is actually a lot bigger than normal to me. I wonder if it's one of the settings on your computer...


It doesn't look any different to me....beautiful as always! So so so so very glad you are back. I LOVE your Thursday Thought and have so missed them!

Jackie W.

Hi Melissa,

Actually to me, your font is larger, and so much easier to read! Before it was always so tiny...and I'm older than you, you know! Glad to see your Thursday's Thought again! Take care!

joanne smith

hey melissa!
actually, the font looks larger and is it a different font? the pictures and your creations are just as lovely though!! cute tutorial above!


aaaaah.... so nice to see your Thursdays Thoughts again! Beautiful!

all of the fonts look the same to me. Perfect as usual.... do you have these to order yet?


I have a PC, and the font on your blog before was alway so tiny and hard to read! (and I'm not so old!) now its bigger and brilliant - looks all very clean and fresh, and always the photos are gorgeous! Love your thursday thoughts and often put them on my desk top for eye candy and for continued inspiration!

Patricia Truel

It looks the same to me. But just as everyone said, the font is the only thing that changed. It is larger. Before it was very small and difficult to read. I just thought it was my computer.

Patricia Truel

oh, no, wait. your banner is cut off on the right side. it cuts off at in the word "details" - it only shows half the "s"


a bit of everything on the right side (of the middle and right columns) is cut off.

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