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May 18, 2010


Monika Wright

Although I still would like at least one decent photo a year of my 3 kiddos together, I, too, have been taking more everyday, unposed shots of our family. I like them. Alot.


This is inspiring Melissa! I too get caught up in trying to take the perfect photo and then I end up missing the little moments in life that are perfect all by themselves.

Amy Harle

Awesome book - I always admired his shots in Vogue.

Love and Lollipops

Hi Melissa,

Thanks for sharing this! I too need to be reminded to just catch the spontaneity of everyday life! (I think these kind of pictures lend themselves to Black-and White)


Katherine marie

Looks like a lovely lovely book!! It's so refreshing to see other photographers who GET the joy of raising kids is in all the simple things. I'm going to see if I can track down a copy. I think you' d love Chris Orwig's book Visual Poetry too!!

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