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June 28, 2010



I adore books, so I feel you there, but I don't buy them as many, cause I have another problem - where to pile so many books?!
So, there's a question for u? How many books do you actually have and where do you put them all? Do you read them again or are they just dust collectors afterwards?


Hi! My name is Sharon & I'm a Bookaholic, too. I'm afraid there's little hope for my recovery! I'm even more terrified that a electronic reader might totally send me over the edge. But, I'd miss the UPS guy too much...

Sasha Farina

i'm a bookaholic too.. *sigh* :D and proud of it.


I love this because I too am a lover of books. I am consistently in debt at my local library....i buy used books like a compulsion. My husband teases me because I have been known to buy the same book twice, forgetting what I already own. oh, and i have quite the magazine addiction as well. :)

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