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September 15, 2010



Yummy! Your cream puff looks delicious and so very pretty...they happen to be one of my husbands favorite desserts! Have a great day!

Kourtney Jackson

I think we are all addicted to sweets :)
Love your photo!


i have a HUGE sweet tooth -- love both these shots. :)

Patricia Truel

i can't wait to go and look at the other posts...loved yours and Kristi's photos too...i hope you enjoy mine!

Heather M.

these are beautiful. i totally want to still do this. i need to remember to do it tomorrow.

Heather M.

i finally got my shot for this, melissa. i had it in my mind for a while but just got to digging up my garden.

thank you so, so much for the sweet comment you already left too. :) hugs!

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