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January 29, 2011



Cute story! I am glad they are teaching kids about the in your school. There are too many kids doing that here. Keep up the good work.

I love you photography challenge but I have been having a hard time coming up with something this week. You'll see when I make my post. Thanks for sharing with us.


What a gorgeous little story and so lovely to now have this reminder too. I recently overheard my four year old niece talking to her older brothers and one of their friends and saying "I love God, you must love God". So sweet to hear their understandings so soon into their lives.


This is so sweet! And you are so good to actually get this recorded. That's where I seem to fall short...I don't record what I should. Thanks for inspiring me. ♥


I just stumbled across your blog, and reading this post was such a coincidence. A week or two ago, my 9-year-old son had a conversation with some boys his age (on the playground - I don't think the public school teachers would dare bring up the subject in class, for fear of getting in trouble) and they were discussing the very same thing. My son insisted that saying "Oh my God" was taking the Lord's name in vain. Another boy didn't think this was the case, but a third boy did agree with my son. I told my son I was so proud of his boldness. Here I am a thirty-something Mama and I wouldn't dare bring up the subject with the other moms at the school!

Don't you love the moments when you realize that things are "sinking in" for your children?

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